I’m Naresh Bhatia. I live in Boston, where I design the future.

I’ve loved working with electronics for as long as I can remember. I wired up my first crystal radio at the age of 10, and was so thrilled to hear the local radio station on it that I decided to be an engineer when I grew up.

Soon after I was introduced to computing on my HP-97 programmable calculator. It was so cool to key in my own programs on small magnetic cards and see them execute at faster speeds than any human could ever compute.

My final year engineering project was a Rockwell 6502 based computer with a hex keypad and display, plus a whopping 64K of RAM on 8 boards - enough to occupy my kitchen table. I remember writing a program to play music on its keyboard and being able to play it back automatically - so exciting!

Which brings me to my hobby - music. I have made numerous amplifiers and speakers as a kid. The most memorable was a 100 watts stereo amp with a pair of speakers as big as a cupboard! I could shake the whole apartment with it.

I have been writing software since my very first job at Motorola. Starting with assembly language, I moved up to C/C++, then Java and back-end software. Several years ago, I changed my focus to front-end development. I have been contributing to improving the user experience through sound software practices and better developer tooling.